COVID 19 Update

COVID 19 Update

In our company, all precautionary measures have been adopted, both in the configuration of the facilities and in the procedures that are followed throughout the personal, through live contact with our customers.
In particular, the following measures have been taken:

Safety precautions are available at Sales & Repair Facilities (masks, gloves, antiseptic devices)

Credit card payments are strongly promoted for as intact transactions as possible

The sites are constantly monitored, in order to avoid the gathering of customers or employees at a distance of less than 2 meters from each other and in any case the limitation of the number of customers and staff is observed depending on the square meters of space.

During the day, meticulous and regular cleaning of all surfaces / offices / workbenches is carried out.

At the same time, all the recommended protection measures have been taken regarding the location and marking of spaces where employees and customers coexist. Among them, installation of protective-partition glass for the offices, clear alignment on the floor for the observance of distances, sparse installation of available seats for visitors, etc.

Correspondingly, the measures are taken upon receipt-delivery of the equipment and spare parts. all spare parts are covered with a film or protective disposable material.