The WallPro welding fume extractor with automatic filter cleaning system is designed with the professional welder in mind. It is suitable for a wide range of welding fume and other dust applications.

The WallPro can be used with one or two extraction arms and has a special PowerPlus model for very heavy fume conditions. It is built according to the latest insights in cleanable filter technology with a unique dust-free maintenance concept to provide safety for everybody; the welder, his direct environment as well as the maintenance engineer.


Safe dust-free maintenance

The WallPro enables dust-free maintenance to minimize exposure during the most common service activities. Due to the shut-off valve between the filter and the dustbin, the dustbin can be emptied during operation. The filter can be replaced dust-free with the bag-in/bag-out system. But you don’t have to worry about this too often, as this unit has a long service interval.


Available configurations

The WallPro is adaptable to your application by a choice of three extraction power levels: Standard, Power and PowerPlus. This last level has one extraction arm installed. The Standard and Power versions are available with one or two KUA extraction arms. The extraction arms have a length of 3 or 4 meters. These arms can be mounted directly to the filter, or external mounted for a wider reach. An optional dustbin extension set can be connected to ease the maintenance.

The respective power levels are suitable for welding fume extraction from medium intensity welding to heavy fume applications:

  • Standard for medium welding fume production.
  • Power for medium to heavy fume production.
  • PowerPlus for applications with very high fume production.


WallPro PowerPlus

The most powerful version is the WallPro PowerPlus; the combination of a single KUA extraction arm with the largest diameter and the most powerful fan. This unit has an extraction capacity of no less than 1800 m³/h compared to 1000 m³/h of the Standard level. This unit is especially suitable for applications with a very high fume or dust production, such as automatic welding, welding at high amperage and flux cored arc welding.


Efficient long-life filter

A safe working environment is provided due to the high efficiency PTFE membrane filter cartridge. Membrane surface filtration captures the fumes at the surface of the filter media and avoids penetration. This is known to be very efficient and the best suitable method for self-cleaning systems. The pressure controlled cleaning with the RamAir™ pulse amplifier ensures an effective filter cleaning at low energy consumption.

In addition, the offline filter cleaning function is standard available for extra high efficiency cleaning. Offline cleaning is cleaning the cartridge by back-pulsing with compressed air while the fan is off. This cleaning method is normally used in central filter systems and known for its unmatched cleaning efficiency and now standardly available on the WallPro units.

Due to this unique combination of features that optimize the filter cleaning the WallPro has low operational costs and a long filter life.


In compliance with welding fume class W3

This filter unit is suitable for welding fume from steel, as well as stainless steel welding applications. The WallPro is in compliance with ISO-EN 15012-1:2013 welding fume class W3. In most countries, W3 is required to allow recirculation of filtered fumes from stainless steel applications.


HEPA filter extension is available

To meet local regulations/legislation the WallPro can be extended with an additional HEPA filter module (filter classification H14). This filter module is a universal, wall mounted unit with HEPA filter cassette and suitable for duct installation.

  • Unique dust-free maintenance concept
  • Safe working environment due to a high efficiency cartridge
  • In compliance with ISO-EN 15012-1:2013 welding fume class W3
  • Low operational costs and long filter life
  • Self-cleaning filter, with additional offline filter cleaning function
  • Choose from 3 power levels, according to your specific needs

product data

Recommended for
  • Steel and stainless steel welding applications
  • Medium, heavy and very heavy fume production
  • PowerPlus: For heavy duty application with large quantities of fume, such as flux cored welding in combination with an automatic process.


  • Brand: PlymoVent
  • Product Code:WALLPRO
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