Heavy duty welding torch extraction system

Powerful welding fume extraction for multiple welding torches


The MDB-2/HV PRO is a central high vacuum filter system with integrated blower for connection to 6-10* extraction torches. This system is excellent performing, highly effective and self-cleaning.

This central filter system is recommended for heavy manual welding and long welding runs. Automatic filter cleaning removes the captured dust from the filter medium and drops it into the dustbin. This large dustbin has a connection lift ensuring no leakage of the hazardous dust and easy emptying.

The extraction capacity of the powerful 14,5 kW blower fan can manually be adjusted to need. The unit is standardly fitted with a Variable Frequency Controller to make this possible. Optionally, the extraction system can be connected to a WCS-Control Box and Welding Cable Sensors, this sensor detects welding activity and starts or stops the unit automatically.


Filter control via intuitive touch screen

The MDB-2/HV is controlled by a ControlPro, featuring a HMI with intuitive touch screen. This makes operation of the unit very easy and provides insight in the filter system and e.g. initiate the cleaning cycle or simple adjustment of the weekly timer for auto start/stop. The ControlPro also signals when the filter cartridges reach the end of their lifespan.


Low sound level

The MDB-2/HV PRO is remarkably silent with a sound level well below 70 dB(A). The blower is standardly placed in a sound absorbing box and the exhaust air is muted by a silencer on the outlet.


Fire prevention for the torch extraction system

The system contains a labyrinth SparkTrap, preventing sparks from reaching the filter cartridges. In addition, an optional Fire Suppression System can be installed.


Easily relocate the system when your workshop layout changes

In case of a relocation the extraction system is easily modified. The inlet has a quick connect coupling either on the left or the right side of the unit. Forklift holders are integrated at the bottom of the unit, as are adjustable feet to prevent instability of the extraction system.


* The maximum number depends on the specifications of the torch.

  • Central filter system for up to 10 fume extraction torches.
  • RamAirTM pulse amplifier for efficient cleaning and long filter life.
  • Low sound level of only 68 dB.
  • HMI with intuitive touch screen for easy insight in the filter system.
  • Extraction system can easily be relocated when the factory layout changes.

product data

Recommended for
  • Heavy manual welding
  • Long manual welding runs


  • Brand: PlymoVent
  • Product Code:MDB-2/HV PRO
  • Availability:In Stock

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