• MonoGo plus

A stationary welding fume filter for every budget


MonoGo is a single arm welding fume extractor, ideal for fixed work stations. Mounted to a wall it has a reach of up to 4 meters. MonoGo has a W3 marking, making it suitable to be used in steel and stainless steel applications.

Products in the GoLine are an excellent starting point to provide protection against exposure to welding fumes.



This wall mounted stationary filter with extraction arm is recommended for occasional welding or light welding applications. Also fume extraction from TIG-welding is possible. The use of this fume extractor is recommended  for example in auto repair shops, welding schools, technical colleges, small workshops and the agricultural sector.


Two versions

There are 2 versions in this product group: MonoGo and MonoGoPlus. Both filter versions can be combined with an extraction arm of 2, 3 or 4 meters in length. A service indicator shows when the single use filter should be replaced. Both units also feature an acoustic alarm and an integrated spark deflection plate for enhanced safety.



The MonoGo is suitable for occasional welding applications. It is combined with the EconomyArm, a hose tube extraction arm of 2 to 4 meters. MonoGo is a cost-effective choice and recommended for occasional welding activities at or near workbenches. It has a filter capacity of 15m2.

MonoGo is recommended when the welding consumes 1 coil of solid welding wire or 7,5 kg of welding electrodes per month. When TIG welding takes place, the use is unrestricted due to the low fume emissions.



MonoGoPlus is suitable for light and regular welding applications. This unit is combined with a KUA extraction arm of 2, 3 or 4 meters. The KUA arm is the preferred arm by our customers. With 26 m2 the filter capacity of the MonoGoPlus is much larger than the basic model.

MonoGoPlus is recommended when the welding consumes 2 coils of solid welding wire or 15 kg of welding electrodes per month.

  • Effective protection against fume exposure
  • Excellent price performance
  • Two stage filter for longer filter life
  • Enhanced safety with integrated spark deflection plate
  • W3 marking
  • ISO 15012-1

product data

Recommended for
  • Light or occasional welding activities
  • Steel or stainless steel welding
  • TIG welding
  • Auto repair shops
  • Agricultural sector
  • Welding schools
  • Technical college

MonoGo plus

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